DZR Brass - Handmade Towel Warmer

Heating Options

Here at Rutland Radiators we offer a range of tailored heating options for our heated towel rails and radiators.

The options available are designed to give you flexibility in regards to both efficiency and output so that you can choose a heating option that best suits your requirements.

 Please see below for a description of our available heating options:

Electric Only:

This option offers simple convenience. Electric Only heaters have a heating element controlled usually by a traditional rocker switch. Where as a traditional central heating system requires you to turn your whole system on, a simple Electric Only option allows you to turn on an individual unit.  Electric Only radiators and towel rails offer a more convenient installation process not requiring the whole system to be drained before installation.

Heating Element for Heated Towel Rail

Central Heating Valve

Central Heating:

Central Heating radiators are often a popular choice when customers are replacing an existing radiator. Controlled via your central heating thermostat if you regularly use your bathroom at a similar time, a central heating radiator can be an economic solution, allowing you to benefit from the relatively low cost of central heating compared to electricity for an Electric Only option.

Hot Water:

Similar to the above Central Heating offer, our Hot Water option is plumbed directly into your hot water system and controlled via your central thermostat. The key choice here is whether the times you require your heated towel rail to be operating best ties in with your central heating or hot water system timing.


Dual Fuel Heating Option

Dual Fuel:

Over recent years we have seen a surge of demand for Dual Fuel heated towel warmers and radiators. Plumbed into your central heating, whilst also incorporating an electric heating element a Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rail offers all-year round flexibility. Even in the midst of Summer, bathrooms can be a little too cool in the morning. A Dual Fuel radiators allows you to turn on a radiator whilst not turning the entire central heating system on.

Thermostatic Heating Element:

A variant of the Electric Only option, a Thermostatic Heating Element offers far more control than a simple Electric heating element. With in-built controls allowing fine control of the heating in increments along with a number of pre-loaded settings such as a “boost” and “comfort” option.

Thermostatic Heating Element


If you have any questions concerning the above heating options for heated towel rails and radiators please do not hesitate to contact our friendly office team on +44 1252 790464, or alternatively, please email