DZR Brass - Handmade Towel Warmer


Here at Rutland Radiators we are often asked to supply individual components. The experience within our design and manufacturing teams means that regardless of the original brand or manufacturer of your heated towel rail, we are almost certain we can be of assistance when it comes to sourcing components.

We have listed below a number of our most popular components. However, if you seek a more unusual component, or an item not listed, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist office team either by telephone on 01252 790464, or alternatively, by emailing

Electric Towel Warmer Element

Electric Element:

Our electric element can be supplied in a number of sizes. Supplied with a white flex and cover, in recent years, it has become popular to conceal the element by having it positioned at the base of the towel warmer.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 100W
  • 150W
  • 200W
  • 250W
  • 500W

Please note our design team can advise specific elements for projects outside of the UK.

Wall Stays for handmade towel warmers

Wall Stays:

Wall Stays provide an adjustable alternative to more conventional wall fixing plates.

Supplied with a 32mm mounting bracket, the Wall Stay can be used to secure both traditional and contemporary towel warmers.

With the ability to be adjusted from a depth of 60mm to 135mm, our Wall Stays provide a solution to the support and stability of heated towel rails in difficult to mount locations.

Ball Jointed Element Cover

Ball Jointed Element Cover:

Our Ball Jointed Element Cover is designed to provide a solution to the shrouding of the unsightly electrical flex connecting to the electric element.

Available in our full range of over 20 finishes, our Ball Jointed Element Cover can be manufactured to match the towel rail it is being fitted too.

It is not uncommon for our clients to choose to order two of these components, having one as a “dummy” element cover, so that the towel rail remains symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.

Mitred Element Cover

Mitred Element Cover:

A clean and contemporary alternative to the Ball Jointed Element Cover.

Available in our full range of over 20 finishes, in addition to our powder coating / wet spraying service.

Similar to the Ball Jointed Element Cover our Mitred Element Cover is often purchased in pairs to ensure symmetry.


Thermostatic Element

Thermostatic Heating Element:

A variant of the Electric Only Element, a Thermostatic Heating Element offers far more control than a simple Electric heating element.

With in-built controls allowing fine control of the heating in increments along with a number of pre-loaded settings such as a “boost” and “comfort” option.



Looking for something not listed above?

Please either email, or alternatively telephone 01252 790464.